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What are Blueprints

The KAP Human Capital Management Process Blueprints were established as a foundation for the KAP Divisions to comply with the KAP Group Governing Policies, Legislation and Best Practice Methodologies. This will in return eliminate the risk factors that divisions face on a daily basis and also aid in unified Group Level Reporting requirements.

In a typical Blueprint the Division can expect to have the following elements:

  • A brief explanation of the Blueprint at hand.
  • A process flow that will visually illustrate the technical steps a user must follow to complete the task.
  • A technical specification page that will illustrate the requirements for each Blueprint that needs to be in place to comply with the full process.
  • The actual process:
  1. Inputs – What is required in terms of resources, knowledge, governing requirements for the user to complete the process.
  2. Tasks – A detailed step-by-step guide for the user to follow the Blueprint.
  3. Outputs – The expected outcomes once all of the steps have been completed.
Refer to Understanding Blueprint Layouts for more information on the above.
  • In addition to the above, Blueprints will also have full interaction with any:
  1. Group Level Policies
  2. Sample Policies
  3. Work Instructions
  4. Sample Templates
  5. Forms
  6. Guides
  7. Checklists

Refer to Policies & Supporting Documentation for more information on the above.

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