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Blueprint Summary
An employee individual development plan (IDP) is a joint initiative of the employee as well as the employer to improve the existing skills, knowledge and abilities of an individual employee.

Development process
After the performance review process, an IDP is developed by the Line Manager, HR Department and employee to assist the employee to reach his/her goals as well as organizational objectives.

Development mapping reviews
Line Manager and /or to regularly check in with employee regarding development and how the plan is working. A formal review of the plan must not only be considered as a performance review but as part of a development. Line Managers to offer the employee the time and opportunity to use his newly acquired skills and knowledge in the workplace as soon as possible after training get the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Process flow
• Line Manager discusses the skills and knowledge required to meet short and long term career goals with the employee.
• Line Manager/ HR Department come up with key areas of development. They consider the employees’ strengths and weaknesses.
• Line Manager/ HR Department develop an Individual development plan (IDP) considering employees and organizational goals.
• HR comes up with a plan on how the employee will acquire the new skills, being it to attend classes, short term programs, get coaching from new managers/ more experienced employees or study through a university.
• HR cost the plan, source providers and suitable dates to implement the plan.

Inputs are all the elements deemed necessary to complete the development mapping/individual development plan
• Job description
• Skills matrix
• Performance reviews forms

The outcomes are all of the desired results when the process has been completed successfully.
• Training Needs Analysis
• Training Plan
• Competent employees

The following elements are required to create a successful individual development plan/development map.
• Line manager to create a performance improvement plan and communicate to HR
• HR to develop an individual development plan
• Search and select suitable service providers/institutions/individuals to assist with the development plan
• HR to communicate development plan with line managers and employees

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