Performance Review


Blue-Print Summary
The Performance Management Blueprint illustrates the process that is to be followed when implementing a fair and balanced employee performance review, which consists of the below 3 phases; to allow for the continuous growth and development of the employees and to the success of the organisation.
Performance Review Process
The HR Department will be responsible to offer Performance management awareness training to senior management, line managers and employees, using reference to the approved organizational performance management policy. Once all the parties are aware of performance management system, line managers will schedule a performance review discussion with the employees and align employee’s tasks to the performance appraisal/review.
Using your performance review form, line manager and employee will have a meeting to review employee’s performance. This could be done quarterly, bi-annually or annually depending on the employees’ engagement date or last performance review. The discussion will be guided by the performance review form which includes, job descriptions, performance expectations, specific objectives to be achieved and professional development goals for the employee. Once the review is done it will be signed off by both the line manager and the employee.
Review Feedback
The Line manager provides feedback to the employee on the performance review. The Line Manager and employee will develop and provide a performance improvement plan. Line manager with employees shall identify the goals for the next review period. phases

Process Flow
Preparation Phase:
HR Department shall conduct performance management awareness training to Top management and line managers. Top and Line Managers will attend the planned training. HR Department shall develop a performance management policy; define the Key Performance Areas, Indicators, task identification and targets for each indicator. Employees shall be consulted by their line managers and/or HR on the established Key Performance areas/Indicators. HR will finalize the performance matrixes and Top management together with line managers shall approve.

Implementation Phase:

HR shall formulate performance management awareness training for the employees who will attend the planned training. Line managers and their employees will have a performance discussion. Line managers and employees will align activities to performance appraisal. Line manager will schedule a performance review with the employee as well as review outcomes against policy framework and a reflection on outcomes against employee’s performance journey. Line manager will then give feedback to the employee based on the outcomes of the review.

Standard Cycle:

On a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis Line Managers will perform a performance review with employees. Line manager will review outcomes against policy framework and a reflection on outcomes against employee’s performance journey. Line manager will then give feedback to the employee based on the outcomes of the review. Line managers, employees and HR department will create an Individual Development Plan.

Inputs are all the elements deemed necessary to complete the process successfully
• Performance Management Policy
• Performance management guide/procedure
• Employee’s KPI/KPA
• Employee performance review/evaluation form
• Performance Improvement Plan/Action Plan
The outcomes are all of the desired results when the process has been completed successfully.
• To attain a working performance management system for line managers and employees
• To provide employees and line managers the opportunity to discuss employees job performance.
• To set professional development goals for employees so they meet their career goals as well as organizational goals.
• To establish objective for continuous growth of the employee and the organization.

The following elements are required to conduct a successful performance review for employees in the organisation.
• HR to develop performance management policy to serve as a referral document for all parties involved.
• HR Department develops a performance management guide as it will serve as a guiding document for line mangers to follow when conducting a performance review.
• Line Managers to conduct one on one performance reviews with employees.
• Employee’s KPI/KPA to be used when conducting performance reviews. They are used to measure against employee’s actual performance.
• Employee performance review/evaluation form must be completed by employee and line manager.
• Line Manager must provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses identified.
• A Performance Improvement Plan must be developed by the Line Manager and employee with target goals to reach; indicating the areas of improvement for the next performance review.
• Line Manager to communicate Performance improvement plan to HR Department.

Providing feedback
Line manager will give feedback to the employee based on the outcomes of his/her performance review. Line manager shall give positive feedback, where employee has shown a good performance and need to inform the employee of the areas where he/she didn’t perform well and advice or coach on how to improve his/her performance. Both Line Manager and employee must create a performance improvement plan or action plan on how he/she intend to improve the performance, and indicate areas of training where necessary. The employee’s performance review and action plan/performance improvement plan can be repeated quarterly, bi-annually or annually.


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