Skills Matrix

 2 Skills Matrix
2.1 Overall Outcome
The skills profile is intended to clearly provide a visual appreciation of the current skills of the company as well as the gaps that require training interventions. The skills matrix will enhance decision making on suitable strategies for addressing skills gaps and considerations on recruitment where skills cannot be developed internally. The Skills Matrix is drawn from the company’s Competency Framework.
2.2 Summary
HR/D will conduct an in-depth analysis of job profiles to identify requisite skills requirements for each job category. The outcomes of the Job Task analysis will be compiled into the company’s Competency Framework; a skills audit or training needs analysis will culminate in the development of a Skills Matrix.

2.3 Process Flow
2.3.1 HR/D to develop job descriptions for all occupational levels in the company.
2.3.2 In consultation with line managers and subject matter experts, HR will conduct job/task analyses and outline competencies.
2.3.3 HR/D to utilize results of the job task analyses to develop the company’s competency framework.
2.3.4 Line managers to be supplied with their relevant department’s Competency Framework for reference when; drafting performance agreements. identifying key performance indicators. conducting performance evaluations. conducting Training Needs Analysis
2.3.5 individual Development Plans
2.3.6 HRD will utilize the Competency Framework, Employee skills profile and outcomes of the Training Needs Analysis to develop the company’s Skills Matrix.
2.3.7 HR/D will advise line managers of the gaps identified on the Skills Matrix which must be incorporated into the Training Needs Analysis.
2.4 Input
2.4.1 Job Profiles/descriptions
2.4.2 Competency Framework
2.4.3 Skills Audit / Training Needs Analysis.
2.5 Outputs
2.5.1 Skills Matrix
2.6 Tasks
2.6.1 Skills audits
2.6.2 Job / Task Analysis
2.6.3 Training Needs analyses
2.7 Process Specifications
2.7.1 Owner HR/D department Stakeholders Line Managers Subject matter experts Employees
2.7.2 Recording Requirements All details to be recorded and stored appropriately according to company procedures