Training Needs Analysis

Learning & Development – Training Needs Analysis

1. Training Needs Analysis
1.1 Overall Outcome
The KAP Training Needs Analysis is intended to identify training requirements for employees. The process will enable the company to plan effectively for interventions aimed at augmenting employees’ skill sets based on the company’s strategic objectives, individual job requirements as well industry partnerships to address scarce and critical skills.
The TNA process will equally assist in the development of the company’s Skills Matrix to reflect current competencies and skills gaps for employees.
1.2 Summary
The Human Resources Development / Training department will initiate the TNA process to coincide with the company’s budgeting time-frame as well as the Annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Plan reporting period.
1.3 Process Flow
1.3.1 At the start of the year, HRD initiates the process by creating and communicating the Training Needs Analysis Template & timetable.
1.3.2 Line Managers will conduct one –on –one skill needs analyses with employees to determine training needs and identify career development paths. Required training gets captured on TNA template
1.3.3 Completed Training Needs Analysis template from line managers is submitted to HRD for consolidation and costing.
1.3.4 HRD reviews completed TNA template and costs interventions. Training requirements that are incomplete or require clarity are sent back to respective line managers for correction.
1.3.5 HRD will include strategic training priorities onto the TNA and submit to Top Management for review and approval. Rejected training requirements will be sent back to HRD for review.
1.3.6 The consolidated Training Needs Analysis will be used to draft the company’s skills Matrix.
1.3.7 Training requirements approved by company management are utilized to create a Training Plan.
1.3.8 The approved training plan is used to generate the company’s Workplace Skills Plan in consultation with the Skills Development and Employment Equity Committee.
1.3.9 The approved WSP report is submitted by the SDF to the relevant SETA for review and approval.
1.3.10 In order to implement planned training, the HRD department will create and communicate training schedules to line managers for employees to attend training.
1.3.11 Line managers and employees will confirm attendance and commitment to training dates by completing and signing a Training Booking Form.
1.3.12 Upon attendance of training by employees, HRD to ensure all training documentation are collected and safely stored for reporting purposes.
1.3.13 The records of completed training for each year will be compiled into an Annual Training Report and submitted to the SETA.
1.4 Inputs
1.4.1 Job Descriptions
1.4.2 Key Performance Agreements/Indicators
1.5 Output
1.5.1 Skills matrix
1.5.2 Training plan
1.5.3 Workplace skills plan
1.5.4 Annual Training Report
1.6 Tasks
1.6.1 Skills Development Manager to ensure the Training Needs Analysis Template is created and distributed timeously to all stakeholders.
1.6.2 Line Managers to conduct TNA discussions with individual employees
1.6.3 Skills Development Manager to ensure TNA is reviewed for accuracy and interventions to be allocated a cost for budgeting purposes.
1.6.4 HRD to advise Business Units on learning and development budget based on TNA costs.
1.6.5 HRD to identify strategic training priorities and meet with Executive/Top Management for TNA approval.
1.6.6 SDF to arrange SD/EE committee meetings to consult on ATR/WSP submission.
1.6.7 Skills Development Manager and/or SDF to ensure timeous submission of ATR&WSP reports.
1.6.8 SDF & SD Manager to monitor and report regularly on the implementation of training and payment of mandatory grant rebates.
1.7 Process Specifications
1.7.1 Owner Human Resources Development Department
1.7.2 Stakeholders Human Resources Development Team SDF Human Resources Managers Line Managers Employees Skills Development and Employment Equity Committee Top Management/Executives Finance Managers SETA ETQA
1.7.3 Recording Requirements TNA capturing on appropriate templates ATR/WSP capturing on SETA system Reporting on completed training interventions Recording of SD/EE Committee meeting minutes

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