B-BBEE brilliant.

PSIberBEE is a cloud-based B-BBEE software solution combined with support from our B-BBEE experts and is aimed at small-to-medium sized businesses. Get what you need when you need it most.

PSIberBEE will help your company reduce its “total cost of being B-BBEE compliant”.


Cloud-Based Technology




| Made Simple.

PSIberBEE is a new B-BBEE software solution launched by Mpowered, the country’s most established B-BBEE software solutions provider.

B-BBEE Made Simple.

Having insights from over 500 companies

We’ve built a software solution that is simpler, more relevant and more affordable for smaller businesses looking for a simpler way to understand and manage their B-BBEE compliance.

Having insights from over 500 companies

A small business can gain access to a B-BBEE calculator and bulk upload their data using spreadsheets.

There's a plan for every business.

With affordable packages catered for different needs, find the package that suits your small business best and get enterprise software capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

PSIberBEE Basic

for businesses that need the bare essentials.

PSIberBEE Basic

for businesses looking to get bang for their B-BBEE buck.

PSIberBEE Basic

for businesses looking to get the most out of their B-BBEE.

PSIberBEE Basic

for growing businesses which need more under the hood.

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