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85% of Job Applicants are dishonest on Resumes

There has been an influx of candidates being dishonest on their resumes over the past few years, organizations are succinctly aware of this behaviour and have taken to performing background verification checks prior to hiring prospective candidates.

With the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill officially adopted by the National Council of Provinces, South Africans misrepresenting their qualifications when applying for employment will soon face dire consequences. Those found to be guilty may also be liable to a fine and/or imprisonment for a maximum period of five years.

PSIber has introduced a Verifications Module that allows online background checks to be completed in minutes, these verifications are done in the APPLICANT environment, ensuring that employees are vetted during the recruitment process, all of this happens within the platform itself instead of needing to capture additional information from 3rd party systems, boosting your recruitment security even further; some of the checks include:

Identity Verification

Credit Record Verification

Drivers License Verification

Qualification Verification

Criminal Record Verification

The output of the verification checks will be a generation of reports that validate information processed against official data handlers such as the Department of Home Affairs.

The number of fabricated credentials has grown over the past few years, and this verification process will benefit any organization. 

This functionality is another way that PSIbers Human Capital Platform closes the gaps on the employee lifecycle, ensuring you and your business have one place to capture, maintain and report on employees. 

Watch the PSIber Verifications Video to learn what the Module has to offer

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