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The following needs to be included when logging a Jira item for Development:


A brief summary of the bug/query. Make sure your summary details are reflecting what the problem is.


  • URL: The page URL on which the bug/query occurred.
  • Company Reg: 4 digit Login Code.
  • Payroll: If applicable.
  • Employee: If applicable. 
  • Username / Password:  If on test instance.
  • User:  If a problem seems to be limited to a specific user.
  • Product: In which product you found this bug and/or to which your query relates. (Applets / Vaadin / Both).
  • Priority Calculator: To be attached when an enhancement request is logged.


A summary of the bug/query in minimal words, however, please ensure that it is in an effective and clear manner.

Use the following fields for description field:   

  • Own Investigation: Steps were already taken or investigation was done in an attempt to resolve the query.
  • Expected result: How the application should behave on the above-mentioned steps.   
  • Actual result: What is the actual result of running the above steps.

Screenshots to be included, if it is an API, include the import/export sheet and it the issue is related to reporting, attach the relevant report/s, lastly if the error is in Applets please include the Java Console. 

Please Note: if the above information is not supplied, SLA turnaround time cannot be guaranteed


This describes the impact of the bug.


Types of Severity:

  • P1 -Show-stopper (Highest): No further processing can be done or the issue poses a FINANCIAL implication to the client.  
  • P2 - Critical (High): Application crash, loss of data.
  • P3 -Moderate (Medium): Problem can be circumvented with a temporary solution, has no financial impact and/or processing can still proceed.
  • P4 - Minor (Low): Minor loss of functionality.
  • P4 -Trivial (Lowest): UI enhancements, label changes.
  • P4-Enhancement: Request for a new feature or enhancement to existing functionality.
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