PSIber API's

Allowing for seamless integration of your client’s employee data into their business eco-system!

What is an API?

API’s allow you to essentially push data into PSIber and pull data from PSIber into any of your unique business software ecosystems. API’s allow for a 360-degree view of your data by giving you access to create, update and retrieve information from a web platform.

Why would our API benefit you?

Integrate your systems into PSIber with our API tools!

Rather than forcing people to read CSV files or manually comb through data, APIs help companies push that information into a dashboard

Realtime reporting, dashboarding, and forecasting

More automation, less human intervention needed

Eliminate audit findings with closed integration 


Identify trends to manage your workforce

Ensure you have a 360-degree view of your business with PSIber APIs

Make the right decisions for your business
with accurate and automated data consolidation!

Our APIs give you the ability to get access to your employee data (static, financial, and date-based),
which you can use in your specific business context and your unique environment.

Get in touch with your LabourNet consultant to see how API’s can be set-up in your business!