Policies & Supporting Documentation

Policies and Supporting Documentation

In order to ensure compliance and to facilitate some aspects of the blueprints, it is critical to ensure that certain types of Human Resources Management and Payroll Management documentation is in place for all divisions. This can be in the form of either a policy, procedure or template to assist in governing processes. The requirements of the documents are standard across the Group to eliminate the risk of not aligning with legislation or governing policies. All of these documents, as well as document requirements, are reviewed on an annual basis as a minimum and where required, reviewed and approved by a legal representative.

Supporting documentation are divided into the following categories:

Group Policies

Group HR Policies guides and govern the actions of all Divisions pertaining to specific HR and Payroll Processes. Complying with the requirements of these policies are mandatory for all Divisions as it eliminates the risk and impacts certain situations could potentially have on Group Level. Divisions are not allowed to deviate from these policies or have separate policies on the same subject. In cases where Divisions require deviation from these policies, written consent must be obtained on Group Level.

Divisional Policies

To ensure Divisional Governance, selected Divisional Policies are required to be in place as a minimum standard. Sample Policies are available and aim to serve as a guide for Divisions. These sample policies contain the minimum requirements that Divisions should adhere to align with legislation and/ or governing bodies. Divisions use the content in these policies, add additional content if required and brand according to the Division’s Corporate Identity.

Work Instructions

Work Instructions serves as additional instructions complimenting the Blueprints. These instructions typically provide finer detail and relate to specific actions to be taken in relevant HR and Payroll the Systems. In addition to this, work instructions ensure that the user populates information in the correct format and order, thus making processes more efficient and ensuring data integrity for reporting.


Templates aim to serve as a guide for Divisions. These templates will prescribe the minimum requirements and document structures that Divisions should adhere to. This will ensure that there are standard content and formats across the Group. Divisions should use the content in these templates, add additional content if required and brand according to the Division’s Corporate Identity. The templates will facilitate your day to day HR and Payroll transactions.


Forms aim to provide the user with any applicable forms that need to be completed within a process. This will typically be forms that relate to third parties outside of the Group and System (i.e. UIF Declaration). Divisions will not be able to edit these forms as they are standard forms that need to comply with the applicable governing body requirements. 


Guides aim to provide the user with general guidelines within a specific process. Guides are typically aligned with Best Practice, and it is therefore advised that Divisions adhere to the content. Divisions are allowed to use the Guides as a base and add additional content if required.


Checklists aim to provide the user with a list of all items to be completed/ gathered within a process and eliminating the risk of potentially not executing critical steps. Checklists will provide the user with the minimum requirements to adhere to, but Divisions are allowed to make any additions to the list. It is advised that completed checklists be uploaded into the system as supporting documentation when uploading documents to the employee’s electronic file.