Our Partners

We're not just a platform.
We're a partner.

It’s a changing world of work and we’re in it together.
PSIber is a platform where experts in technology and HR industries can come together to help customers succeed.


The PSIber’ HCM Platform is designed as a hub for the entire HR ecosystem. From start-ups to international corporate clients.

PSIber offers a fully “co-labelled” solution that lends itself to your organisation.

Our development teams consist of business analysts with deep HR and payroll knowledge, our world-class JAVA developers and state-of-the-art support infrastructure, and quality assurance environment who are always on call to ensure that your HR and Payroll needs are met.


Partners prosper here

PSIber offers partners a breadth of enablement resources, marketing benefits and sales tools to build a strong foundation for mutual success.

We empower our partners to succeed.

9 Provinces

Are home to companies that use the PSIber Platform.


In July 2005 when we started the business, it was important for us to find an online integrated PAyroll/HR system, that was user friendly and reliable. PSIberWORKS met all our requirements and we are extremely satisfied with the product and their service.

The Payroll Specialist