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PSIber Offers a sophisticated HR management tool that helps companies achieve their organisation’s goals. With functionality that includes Organograms, Job Descriptions, Training Management, Performance Management and many other functions in the Human Capital lifecycle.

In addition, the HCM tools incorporate powerful recording and reporting facilities that assist businesses with strategic decision making as well as managing employees from recruitment to retirement.


The platform offers you a full payroll administration, management, and reporting facility that ensures you meet all your legislative and compliance requirements in South Africa and many other African countries.

The payroll module is built on the back end of BEST PRACTICE ensuring your businesses compliance by simply using the technology.


The PSIber tax structuring tool which has all the relevant and up to date tax rules built into it. This module assists Employees with structuring their own packages and HR departments to structure potential employees packages more efficiently, furthermore, it ensures that your business employs within budget.


PSIbers user-friendly employment engagement application (both Web and App based Google Play and IOS) enables Employees and Managers to view and manage their teams more effectively and efficiently, with basic functionality like leave application and payslip management to more complex processes like payment requests, fuel claims, travel logbook, performance and asset management and many other employee-related functions.


To ensure that you can use a SINGULAR PLATFORM for all your core HCM Functions, PSIber has selected some specialised integration partners to ensure a simplified, standardised and automated tech platform for all your HCM needs.






PSIber SHEQ in conjunction with Labournet H&S consulting facilitates the management of health and safety in the workplace for both employers and employees alike. Our range of professional and quality services establishes a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), identifies hazards and risk assessment, to accident/incident investigation and compliance with regulations. Our solutions deliver value-added benefits to organisations by promoting the ‘right way’ of working that enhances the quality of life and prevents avoidable losses to people, property and the environment all with easy to use, wizard-driven technology.


PSIberBEE is a cloud-based B-BBEE software solution combined with support from LabourNets B-BBEE experts and is aimed at small-to-medium sized businesses. PSIberBEE will help your company reduce its “total cost of being B-BBEE compliant”. Together with LabourNet’s transformation services and complete their flexibly Transformation retainer packages we offer complete integration and alignment of your B-BBEE, Skills Development and Employment Equity strategies and processes to your company’s objectives in order to maximise your B-BBEE levels.


LabourNet provides an end-to-end business approach through a number of flexible and cost-effective packages that are tailored to provide integrated business solutions across multiple compliance disciplines.

LabourNet builds an in-depth knowledge of your company’s culture, goals and challenges and empowers your managers through cutting edge knowledge and skills, to manage and maintain the highest levels of industry compliance in your business.

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LabourNet Payroll Solutions (LPS), through the use of the PSIberWORKS technology, provides an online Payroll & HRIS “software as a service” facility together with a variety of supporting services to the South African business community. These services include an outsourced and fully managed payroll bureau facility for mid to corporate businesses as well as a supported solution where customers can manage their own payroll operations in collaboration with LPS.


Coming Soon in 2021

PSIber@home is a simple, web-based solution that enables you to manage your “home” staff automatically, Register your staff for UIF and pay UIF contributions plus provide your staff with a simple but fully compliant payslip and employment contract.


Ensuring the safety and security of our platform and our clients’ data is one of our PRIMARY concerns. It is for this reason that we have embarked on the journey to be ISO27001 compliant within 2020. The ISO27001specification ensures that our organisations’ information risk management processes are in line with the ISMS framework of policies and procedures including all PSIber’s legal, physical and technical controls.