Our Culture

To win in the marketplace, you must first win at the workplace.

Who are we

We are Game Changers

PSIber is a technology company owned by the LabourNet Group, South Africa’s leading supplier of HR legal and professional services.

PSIber focuses on the design, development, and servicing of our cutting edge HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT software suite, known as PSIber HCM.

PSIber was launched in the early days of the internet boom and was the first company in South Africa to provide a truly “cloud-based”, fully integrated, end-to-end payroll and human resource management solution on a software as a service basis (SaaS).

What we do

Cloud- Based Technology

Save time with using one platform
for all your business needs.

Over the years larger organisations have exponentially embraced the internet, and today, many large companies are managing the HCM needs of their entire workforce directly over the internet through the PSIber Platform– from anywhere and at any time.

The application services all types and sizes of organisations from the simple home user through our PSIber@Home platform, to SMME’s and sophisticated corporates through our PSIber Platform – PSIber cater for households with one employee to multinationals / international clients with tens of thousands of employees online at any one time.

As the power and speed of the internet has become increasingly accessible to individuals and businesses alike, at ever-reducing costs, it is now almost a standard that companies, irrespective of size or industry type, are legally required to electronically manage most tax, payroll and human resource related functions and transact with government departments and local authorities over the internet through portals such as UIF, SARS, E-Filing, e@syfile and the like.

With PSIber’s cloud-based platform, communicating with these 3rd parties is simpler than ever before.


Our Memberships –
Governing Bodies

PSIber has for many years been actively involved with the Payroll Authors Group of South Africa (PAGSA), an entity primarily established to interact with SARS and other government departments on behalf of all payroll developers/vendors in South Africa, and is currently represented on the MANCO board.

Over the years the PAGSA has been instrumental in assisting SARS with the design and implementation of many initiatives such as the introduction of SITE many years ago, the introduction of electronic IRP5’s, the e@syfile and e-filing applications, to mention a few.

PSIber distributes its technology too and supports its client base through a variety of respected partners in the payroll and HR services industry,

In short, PSIber’s business starts and ends with people – from recruitment to retirement!

PSIber’s business starts and ends with people – from recruitment to retirement!

HCM Lifecycle – PSIber’s platform of modules caters for all your business’s HCM needs.