Naming Convention Requests

Naming Convention Requests

The Group Reporting requirements demand that Divisions use a standard framework for Naming Conventions across the Group. This aids in the consolidation of information, ensures data integrity and ultimately provide the platform for accurate & efficient Reporting.

To achieve this, the Group has partnered with various Third Party Solution Providers to assist in the processing of this information. These Third Party Solution Providers integrate and extract mass data from PSIber on set mediums and intervals.

It is therefore governed on Group Level that Divisions are strictly prohibited to create/ change a record/ entry in the system, that directly relates to a Naming Convention without following the Approvals Framework as illustrated below. This is also the only User Support Element whereby a single LPS Consultant is assigned to oversee requirements across the Group.

  1. The Division/ User will e-mail the assigned LPS Consultant with the Naming Convention Request.
  2. The LPS Branch will evaluate the request to determine if it is a legitimate request.
  3. If deemed legitimate, the LPS Branch will submit the request to the Group for approval.
  4. Once approval has been obtained, the request will be submitted to PSIber to update the Naming convention.