PSIber Group (Pty) Ltd

There has to be a global mission of human progress.


We believe technology should champion people

Because people move companies

Simplify | standardise | automate

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be the number 1

recommended HCm experience

for home, small, medium and Large businesses on the African Continent

Do the Right thing

We have the courage to be our best selves and do the next right thing, not because it’s easy but because its right!

Lead from where you are

Titles don’t make leaders, wherever we are, no matter the title we get down and solve problems

Good to Great

We believe in helping our employees and our clients. Employees grow because when you grow your people you grow your business

Act like an owner

Our employees' commitment, dogged determination and bias for action

Innovation for the greater good

Celebrating the evolving world of work, innovate to create solutions for the entire system

Be Open

We know ideas can come from anywhere. Our doors are always open, our actions are transparent