Learning & Development – Operational Training

Learning and Development - Operational Training


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Blueprint Summary

Operational Training refers to training interventions required for staff members to perform their functions. This specifically does not refer to any developmental activity that is aimed at improving employees’ skill sets, career-prospects, promotion opportunities or development at large.

By identifying which training interventions are required for employees to perform their duties- as opposed to how well they perform or how they can improve- companies can identify, manipulate and log the respective monetary and time-based cost figures for various planning and reporting requirements, whilst making sure that the relevant policies and procedures are followed.

Process flow

Process Specification

Process Owner


Recording Requirements

Storage Requirements

The person that is accountable for this specific process.

All parties that have a vested interest in this process.

Requirements that need to be recorded during this process. What, How, Where.

Requirements that need to be reported on during this process. What, How, When, Where.

Reporting Requirements

Audit Requirements



Requirements that need to be stored during this process. What, How, When, Where.

Requirements that need to be met in to comply with Auditing Regulations.  What, How, When, Where & Type of Audit Requirement.

Any Notifications that need to be Generated and/ or Actioned During this Process.

Any Reminders that need to be Generated and/ or Actioned During this Process.

Transparency & Communication

Knowledge & Skills



 Any Transparency, Communication & Distribution Requirements needed for this Process.

 Any Knowledge & Skills required to successfully complete this process.

Links and Process within a system that directly relates to this Process.

Are there any Workflows that drive this Process? This can be Manual or NFE Workflows.

Legislation & Governance

Templates, Forms, Guides and Work Instructions

S.A. Board for People Practices

Any Legislation, Bodies, Processes, Policies that Govern this Process.

Links to Templates, Forms Guides and Work Instructions that are either to be used for application or as Guidelines to meet minimum requirements for this Process

Does this Process Align with SABPP. This can either be Fully, Partially or Not at All.

The Process

Inputs are all of the Elements deemed necessary to complete the process successfully.

  • Identified and Approved Training Needs

Tasks are the Step-by-Step Actions to be taken to complete the Process.

  • Trained Employee
  • Signed Training Registers
  • Internal Line Manager conducts a forecast on the number of their staff to be sent on operational training for the year or identifies refresher operational training required for staff during the training needs analysis process.
  • This occurs on an annual, quarterly or bi-annual basis. Based on operational knowledge and understanding of staff- this has to be done by the line management in question, and specifically not by the training department in isolation.
  • Line management’s forecast is sent to HR/ Training Department. Line management would complete the correct documentation (i.e. request for training) in line with training policies.
  • The training department evaluates all the requests against the pre-established training budget, approves/ declines the requests and communicates the decision to Line Management.
  • Line Management and the Training Department would collectively ensure that the training is booked in such a way that doesn’t disrupt operations, and inform staff of this.
  • After the applicable staff attends the above-mentioned training, staff members are to provide the line manager with the necessary proof of training as per company training policy.
  • Line management collates and supplies proof of training to the HR Department.
  • HR Department keeps proof of training done on record, logs training applicable databases, i.e. WSPATR, Learning Management System, Psiber System, and requests any other outstanding documentation necessary.