The time has come for us to embrace the future of Human Capital Management and to clinch the opportunity to become industry leaders when it comes to how we capture, process and report on our PEOPLE.

The KAP executive chose PSIber as its technology partner to move our group of companies into the future, to merge our data into one instance, to assist us in ensuring that we adhere to best practice at all times and to eventually generate meaningful statistics and trends that will add to sound decision making.

Along with the technology that PSIber has developed, we have jointly also developed a set of “Blueprints” for the managing of our Human Capital. These Blueprints are the minimum requirements for The KAP group to:

Ensure people processes are aligned in terms of Best Practice and Audit requirements.
Ensure people processes are aligned to produce the required data for analysis.
Encompass the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to termination and post-termination processes.
These blueprints have been mapped and incorporated back into the PSIber System, in turn ensuring that if we use the technology available to us, we will be complying with best practice, reducing risk and providing powerful data for our reporting as well as decision-making requirements.

For more information on HR Blueprints, please contact the KAP Blueprint Custodian: