HR and Payroll Management

HR and Payroll Management

Managing and setting up of new or existing companies/ payrolls in the system is a critical element within the Group. It is important to understand that all settings & parameters in the system need to be 100% aligned with all of the requirements demanded by the Blueprints. Any deviations from this will result in the specific company/ payroll to not meet the Group prescribed standards.

To eliminate the risk as highlighted above, the responsibility of Managing/ setting up of companies/ payrolls will strictly reside with the PSIber Implementations Department. The Department has been carefully trained on how to align the system with the requirements demanded by the Blueprints. In addition to this, Divisional users will have restricted access to these critical elements within the system. This will be governed by the Group System User Rights Framework.

New Payrolls

Once a Division has identified the need for a new company/ payroll in the system, approval needs to be obtained on Group level as per the Group Approvals Framework – New Companies & Payrolls. As soon as approval has been received, a ticket with the PSIber Support Helpdesk needs to be logged and escalated to the implementations department. It is also important to note that the user needs to include the type of payroll desired when logging the ticket. 

Types of Payrolls

The following Payroll Types are the only types allowed on the system:

• Applicants Payroll

• Normal Earnings Payroll (Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly)

• Disability Payroll

Other Payroll types such as “Casual Labour” are not allowed. 

Existing Payrolls

Requests for changes to the setup of any existing company/ payroll should be made via the PSIber Support Helpdesk.  This should be clearly motivated by the user on the Ticket and will then evaluated by the PSIber Support/ Implementations team, as to ensure that no deviations on Blueprint standards occur.