PSIber ESS/MSS Module

Reduce admin and gives yourelf more time to focus on the important issues – like moving your business forward.


Cloud-Based Technology




Apps that move with you

A user-friendly online access facility/application (Google Play and IOS) that enables Employees and Managers to view and manage their own or their subordinates information, apply for leave, manage payment requests, fuel claims, travel logbook, employee engagement and many other employee-related functions.

Features INclude

Travel Claims

Employee Self Service Module that makes processing travel claims simpler, standardised and automated. 


PSIber  USSD Employee Self Service allows employees to view current payslips, apply for leave, for free anywhere, anytime on all devices.

My voice

My Voice enables employees to anonymously report unlawful or any activities against company policy, suggest great ideas, give other employees recognition and use a chat facility that allows employees to communicate easily.


Tired of guessing whether your staff us engaged or not? Drive your business forward by using our  PSIber Survey tool to capture the voices and opinions of the people who matter most to you.