Employee Transfers

Employee Transfers and Movements

Blueprint Summary

The following Blueprint illustrates the different processes that are followed relating to the various types of employee Transfers:

Note that only the last two Transfers mentioned are discussed as the first Transfer Type is covered within the Employee Take-on Blueprint.

  • Transfers from an Applicants database into a live Payroll (this process only applies to the employee take-on process. Refer to the Employee Take-on Blueprint for more information – note that all other transactions pertaining to the employee will always occur within a “live” payroll environment).
  • Transfers where an employee is transferred from one payroll to another and both payrolls belong to the same division (This could be related to a Promotion, Demotion, Fixed Term to Contract appointment or a Job and Title change. Common terminology used for this type of transfer within Divisions is known as Employee Movement.
  • Transfers where an employee is transferred from one division to a payroll in another division (Example: from Bedding to Passenger).

The employee Transfer and/ or change process will be initiated when an employee who is currently being paid in one payroll needs to move to another payroll or a change needs to be affected to the employee’s employment details. The process described below is purely the administrative aspect and will only refer to the relevant procedures to be followed by all stakeholders.

As custodians of all Employee Non-Financial information, it is imperative that a request is submitted to the applicable HR Department to either confirm or update any non-financial information before any Transfer/ Employee Movement commences. If the HR Department is making any changes during this process, it is imperative that PSIber 2.0 be updated accordingly and any supporting documentation is uploaded to the employee’s electronic personnel file. Once all procedures have been completed by the HR Department, the party requesting the transfer/ movement will be notified to proceed with action(s) accordingly.

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THE Process

The Process

Inputs are all of the Elements deemed necessary to complete the process successfully.

  • Employee Movement/ Change Request as a result of an outcome relating to a recruitment drive.
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Employee successfully transferred between payrolls.

The employee transfer process will be initiated when an employee’s status changes as a result of a change in the relationship between employee and employer. This change can occur within the Group or Division and the employee will subsequently move to a new payroll on the PSIber 2.0 System.

The Line Manager/HR Representative for the payroll that the employee will be transferred to should complete an Employee Movement Form/ relevant supporting documentation pertaining to the change and send it to an HR Representative of the employee’s current payroll.

The Transfer process will be initiated by the HR Department on the PSIber 2.0 System once the HR Department has updated any non-financial details for the employee where and when applicable.

Transfer to a payroll in the same division: (HR Department must ensure that all available information in the PSIber 2.0 System is current and relevant (including uploaded supporting documentation). The Payroll Department will then verify if the information available is true and accurate.

A Senior Payroll Representative for the employees’ current payroll will:

Verify that the following information is entered for the employee:

  1. Identity / Passport number or Alternate Identity Number.
  2. If an employee is a foreign national and presented a passport as a form of identity
  3. If the employee is an asylum seeker and presented official asylum seeker documentation with an alternate identity number:
  4. Nature of person
  5. Foreign national status
  6. Race
  7. Gender
  8. Disability status
  9. Contact details
  10. Physical and postal addresses
  11. Proof of banking details
  12. Personal tax number
  13. Employment type
  14. Banking details
  15. If applicable, ensure pension and provident beneficiaries are specified

Verify that the following documents have been uploaded for the employee:

  1. Employee Movement Form relating to the transfer.
  2. Copy of identification documentation.
  3. Proof of banking details.

Check if the current and the new payroll database has the same PAYE number (same entity) or not.

Verify if the transfer will result in a break in service for the employee (for long service and Leave accrual).

If any of the “Match on Setup” options on the Transfer screen in PSIber 2.0 is going to be used, it is critical to verify that the setup of certain elements on the employee’s current payroll and the new payroll aligns for the values to be transferred successfully.

If the “Match on Setup” option is going to be used for the Leave Level, it is important to verify that a Leave Level with the exact same description exists in both the payrolls or the Leave Level will not be transferred to the new payroll

If year to date values, pay information, loans or leave balances is going to be transferred, then it is important to ensure that:

  • Ensure that both the current payroll and the payroll where the employee will be transferred to are in the same processing period.
  • Follow the guidelines provided in the Inter-Payroll Transfer document to initiate the transfer.
  • An authorisation request will be sent to the Payroll Department of the Payroll that the employee needs to be moved to.
  • A Senior Payroll Representative for the payroll that the employee will be transferred will:
  1.            Receive the authorization request.
  2.            Verify that all the required information and documents as described above have been uploaded for the employee.
  3.            Verify if the settings for the Transfer is correct according to the Inter-Payroll Transfer and either accept it or reject the authorization request with a                     comment on what to adjust if access rights do not permit the change.
  • Once the transfer has been accepted a notification will be sent to notify pre-defined parties of the successful transfer.
  • On completion of the transfer, verify the following in the new payroll:
  1. Employment Status History screen
  • Does the flow of the employment statuses follow a chronological order?
  • Leave Accrual and Leave Level.
  1. Was it carried over correctly?
  2. Is the Leave Accrual correct?
  • Loans, Garnishees and Savings:
  1.  Was it carried over correctly?
  • Year to Date Values:
  1. Were all the values carried over correctly?
  2. Is there a year-to-date value in the new Payroll for each year-to-date value in the originating Payroll?

From this point onwards the Financial Information can be loaded as described in the Employee Take-on Blueprint.

Transfer to a payroll in a different division:

An HR Representative for the employee’s current payroll will:

  • Complete the Termination Pack which makes provision for required information for the transfer.
  • Terminate the employee as per the Employee Exits Blueprint as a termination from the division and not the group with the reason for termination being “Transfer” once confirmation of the transfer has been received from the HR Representative for the new payroll (As per the Blueprint, Payroll will handle any final payments that are due).
  • The HR Representative for the payroll that the employee will be moved to will need to:
  1. Upload the Employee Movement Form.
  2. Notify the HR Representative of the employee’s current payroll that the take-on process for the employee has been initiated.

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