Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

All HR and Payroll Human Capital and People Practises within Divisions are aligned to The KAP Group Code of Ethics.

The Group Code of Ethics provides employees with summary information on what constitutes unlawful or unethical business practices and what to do if you know or suspect someone has violated a company policy or law. The code will also tell the employee how to report a breach of the Group’s policies or a violation of the law on a confidential basis to either the company secretary or the group human resources director. 

It is mandatory for all  Hr and Payroll Practitioners to sign the Group Code of Ethics upon employment. Records of these should be stored in employee electronic personal files by the HR Department.

Group Ethics Report Line

Employees are expected to promptly report breaches of the Code of Ethics or corporate compliance policies to either their human resources department or the country-specific KPMG Ethics report desk. These communications shall remain confidential and shall be disclosed to others only as necessary to investigate the activity, take appropriate action or as otherwise required by law.

South Africa KPMG Ethics-general service desk and report line: 0800 004 963