PSIber Group (Pty) Ltd

In light of the Statement by
President Cyril Ramaphosa on the 15th March 2020, PSIber would like to implement a number of measures in order to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19 when engaging with clients.

COVID-19 presents a number of challenges which are difficult to manage from both a personal and business perspective, with widespread implications of how we work. Accordingly, prior to the scheduling of a meeting, we kindly request that you consider whether a face to face meeting is necessary and can the meeting be replaced by a teleconference or any other electronic platform. PSIber will be guided by our clients on this and should a face to face meeting be necessary, we request that our clients observe the following meeting guidelines:

a. Could the meeting be scaled down so that fewer people attend?
b. All participants in the meeting wash their hands or use hand sanitiser prior to the meeting   commencing.
c. The meeting room be cleaned on a regular basis during the course of each day using a suitable sanitising agent.
d. All delegates are seated at least one metre apart.
e. Please inform the consultant if any individual in the meeting has recently travelled abroad.
f. Attendance register must be kept for every meeting, if someone should contract the virus shortly after the meeting the
    client/consultant must inform all participants.
g. If possible, the meeting venue must have sufficient ventilation.
h. AVOID handshaking, hugging or any form of touching.
We would like to thank our clients in advance for assisting us in dealing with this difficult situation and if you have any queries related to this message, please do not hesitate to contact us.
In addition to the above, a generic COVID-19 Documrnt can be downloaded below:

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