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Blueprint Terminologies


The content of this page is currently under review by the KAP Group. Divisions are encouraged to start implementing the processes discussed on this page, as any adjustments requested by the Group should have a minor impact on the overall process.

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Additional Information

The KAP Group

The KAP Group is an industrial group, predominantly located in and focused on business operating in African markets. The group is focused on delivering on its strategy of being a market leader in the industries it serves in a growing African market.


Any organisation that falls under the KAP umbrella.

PSIber People Management Systems

The Technology Partner as appointed by The KAP Executive.

PSIber 2.0

The Platform chosen by The KAP Executive which provides comprehensive Human Capital Management Solutions.


LabourNet Payroll Solutions (LPS), through the use of the PSIber 2.0 technology, provides an online Payroll & HRIS “software as a service” facility together with a variety supporting services to the South African business community. All Divisions are assigned to a dedicated LPS branch and consultants. This is done on regional level as to ensure Divisions receive the best possible service with the fastest turnaround time. The role of the LPS consultants are to see to all of the demands from Divisions on a day to day basis. Consultants act as the first communication line for Divisions which they will then interact with The KAP Group or PSIber if and when needed.


SABPP is the professional body for HR Practitioners in South Africa, as well as quality assurance body for HR learning provision. SABPP also accredits the HR academic programs of universities.