Auditing Requirements

Auditing Requirements​

Within the Group it is required to have standard and regular auditing processes in place, as to ensure the Division’s stability and sustainability in accordance with good governance. Auditing standards consist of a systematic and independent examination of internal processes, and as a result, stakeholders can effectively evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and the governance process over the subject matter. Within the group, there are two different types of audits:

Group Audits

Group Audits are based on the standards as set out in the Blueprints and how well Divisions comply with these standards. Group Audits and Audit Criteria are governed by the Group HR Department and should be executed on an annual basis as a minimum requirement.

Divisional Audits

Divisions are required to execute internal HR and Payroll Blueprint compliance audits on an annual basis as a minimum requirement. 

It is important to note that audits may be executed either per category or a combination thereof.  

Auditing guides will be made available as part of a rollout in September 2018:

  • Audit Guide – Human Resources
  • Audit Guide – Transformation Effectiveness
  • Audit Guide – Industrial Relations
  • Audit – Payroll