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PSIber has integrated with MPowered, a B-BBEE Compliance Management Software Company to come up with PSIberB-BBEE. PSIberBEE delivers end-to-end solutions for companies to better manage and optimise their B-BBEE compliance journey.

PSIberBEE differentiates our offering by delivering an enterprise-ready solution trusted by hundreds of South African companies and by some of the most established and credible consultants and verification agencies. This enables PSIberBEE and our partners to deliver a solution where data, information, scorecards and evidence flow seamlessly and consistently throughout their B-BBEE compliance journey. With an established ecosystem of alliance partners, our clients have access to the best advisors, services and solution providers that all operate off a single solution.

PSIberBEE helps companies simplify the measurement, tracking, planning, implementation, verification and reporting of their transformation efforts. Features and functions include scorecard calculators across all gazetted sector charters, gap analysis, scenario planning, implementation planning and verification preparation.

Additional features include a YES calculator, cost-per-point analysis, discounting indicators, detailed scorecard inspection, Preferential Procurement calculation automation and PDF reports. PSIberBEE incorporates many algorithms that handle every nuance of all calculations to ensure an accurate and optimised B-BBEE scorecard calculation.

PSIberBEE was designed for large corporates and is equally relevant for small and medium business. PSIberBEE is “enterprise ready”:

  • Handling complex scorecard consolidation across multiple levels
  • Enabling multiple deployment options for cloud, private cloud or on-premise implementation
  • Delivering advanced data security with alignment to POPI and GDPR
  • That is source system agnostic integration using ETL machine learning principles
  • That can leverage B-BBEE derived data for business insights using advanced BI tools

Our solution includes on-demand support with access to experienced B-BBEE experts that respond to queries via email, phone and live-chat, and they visit our clients on a quarterly basis to assist key stakeholders drive an ROI from their software solution. 

PSIberBEE established an ecosystem of strategic alliance partnerships that include consultants, verification agencies and service providers that deliver Labour, Skills, ED, SD and SED solutions. PSIberB-BBEE alliance partners make use of PSIber-BBEE ’s Back Office software as their internal consulting or verification software solution.

Our clients leverage PSIberBEE software and access to our subject matter experts for their regular B-BBEE compliance management requirements and they have access to our alliance partners for specialist advice, services and solutions. PSIberBEE clients can use consultant or verification agency partners that use our software internally, enabling the seamless flow of data, information, scorecards and evidence throughout our client’s B-BBEE compliance journey. This resolves many of the data and interpretation consistency issues faced by so many companies.

PSIberBEE ’s Supplier Management System is a Preferential Procurement management solution that automates the calculation of B-BBEE spend on suppliers and the subsequent Preferential Procurement calculation, and based on its exception reporting feature, delivers emails to sub-sets of suppliers with specific calls to action. It also allows for scenario planning and sourcing and spend analytics. Both PSIberBEE and the Supplier Management System automatically pull data from Beagle to offer the highest levels of Preferential Procurement automation and management.

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