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People move companies. We help you grow your people.


People Management
System on the go!

The PSIber Human Capital Management Platform offers our users a FLEXIBLE and COMPREHENSIVE solution for the day to day administration of people in the workplace. 

PSIber’s platform is cloud-based ensuring that you have access to all your data, anywhere with internet connection, 24/7. 

RE-thinking the ERP solution 

With specialised integration partners, PSIber unlocks a new world of possibilities. 

We have selected our integration partners to ensure you can manage your business on a singular platform, ensuring singular inputs of data and guaranteeing accurate data output, in turn assisting management in making accurate data-based decisions, leading to a more productive and profitable workforce. 

PSIber’s Human Capital Management platform incorporates a full turnkey product offering, “online”, all the time! 


Ensuring the safety and security of our platform and our clients’ data is one of our PRIMARY concerns.

It is for this reason that we have embarked on the journey to be ISO27001 compliant.

The ISO27001 specification ensures that our organisations’ information risk management processes are in line with the ISMS framework of policies and procedures including all PSIber’s legal, physical and technical controls.

Workplace Apps

that move with you

Apps for days.

With APPS being a massive part of the platform’s success, we are continuously building and improving on the APPS that
currently form part of our stable to ensure YOUR people are constantly in touch with the business and its needs. 

PSIber’s Employee Self Service and Management Self Service have FULL mobile capabilities that allow you to
manage your day to day HR solutions ON THE GO.

A Simple cost-effective solution to HR management

A picture showing mobile screens of ESS app


We have designed our platform to ensure that every click is developed with best practice top of mind.

After thousands of hours of research and consultation with specialists across multiple industry types, from financial services to forestry, we have developed a set of blueprints that outline every touch point of the human capital lifecycle and ensured that our platform not only adheres to but guides best practice at all times.

By following the simple to use, intuitive technology, your business can move into the future ahead of its competitors.

Our Partners


We make our clients our number one priority.

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Employee Self Service Customers who’s work experience has been enhanced by PSIber ESS. 

Business with improved workflows, reporting structures and data output. 

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The time it takes to resolve 86% of our clients support queries.

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