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Developed by leading payroll experts and developers, PSIberWORKS, PSIberPAY delivers a truly unique payroll system which companies from all industries and of all sizes, as well as individuals can use. PSIberPAY has been designed in a way that is logical, intuitive and extremely easy to use.

The system, although rich in sophisticated functionality is extremely user friendly and automates most, if not all complicated payroll calculations and processing. Reporting is comprehensive and flexible, while processing of statutory returns is simple.

For Businesses of All Sizes

The payroll system is rich in functionality and is fully integrated to the full product suite. The system includes Employee Self Service which spans from basic employee information maintenance, leave and loan application through to online business expense Logging, claims and management of various employee statistics.

The system, although rich in sophisticated functionality is extremely user friendly and automates most, if not all complicated payroll calculations and processing. Reporting is comprehensive and flexible. Processing of statutory returns is simple and yet comprehensive and sophisticated.

For Payroll Bureaus

Through PSIberPAY, Payroll Bureaus can provide their clients with the option of authorising payroll calculations, issuing payslips and viewing reports, whilst the bureau still maintains control of the entire payroll process on behalf of the client.

This programme provides a multitude of additional benefits which include:
  • Assistance in identifying payroll needs within your client base
  • Unlimited access to pioneering, industry leading cloud-based payroll software
  • The ability to increase your customer base and generate sustainable revenue through providing  additional payroll services
  • Customised branding options enable you to add your company’s look and feel to the service, thereby enhancing your corporate identity and making it more visible
  • Unlimited support and advise from system and industry experts for you and your clients
  • Economies of scale pricing – the more clients you have, the more financial benefit you gain
  • Partner incentives, such as an official Certificate of Membership, which lists you as a Preferred Partner on the PSIber and LabourNet websites, and participation in the annual partnership dinner and awards ceremony

For Accounting Firms

PSIberPAY is suitable for accounting firms who want to provide a fresh new approach to payroll processing. Features include:

  • Tax Calculations

    • Allows for the definition of unlimited Retirement Funding Income profiles
    • Automated calculation and deduction of allowable Pension and RA deductions from taxable income (based on RFI and/or NRFI values), including arrear pension and retirement annuities
    • Automated calculation of taxable medical aid fringe benefits
    • Caters for medical aid tax credits, and backdating thereof
    • Caters for tax calculation overrides e.g. temporary employees, labour only sub-contractors, personal services companies, independent contractors, seasonal workers etc.
    • Caters for taxation of directors with respect to ‘Directors Deemed Remuneration
    • Caters for various tax directives i.e. on lump sum pay-outs, on commission only and on full package
    • Caters for voluntary tax ‘over-deduction’ i.e. by a once off Tax Rand amount, by a recurring Tax Rand amount, by a Rand amount increase to ‘taxable earnings’ etc.
    • Caters for tax provision on bonuses, either to bonus interval or to tax year end
    • Correctly taxes travel allowances, travel reimbursements and SARS defined allowances and fringe benefits
    • All appropriate PAYE calculations as per SARS specification which are updated timeously without any user intervention required
    • Detailed tax traces available for any period and any employee
    • Caters for one IRP5 per tax year for contractors, temps, seasonal workers and re-instated employees

  • Processing of the Payroll

    • Split pay period into as many separate runs as required
    • Caters for  unlimited number of ‘additional runs’ per interval where run can be linked to previous or next pay run for statutory calculations and reporting
    • Early run facility for terminated employees 
    • Payslip adjustment screen:
      • View and update employee payslip online
      • View and/or print actual payslip
      • Add payslip message to individual payslip
      • Do ‘what if’ scenarios
      • View previous payslips online from Adjustment screen
    • Integration to the Employee Business Expense logging and claim facility
    • Run and re-run as often as necessary
    • Reverse a full pay run or a single payslip by the press of a button to take you back to the status as at the end of the last pay run
    • ‘Accept’ the pay run finalise and close the pay run to further changes – ensures that no balancing or security issues occur
    • System Administration has ‘reject’ (un-accept) facility for accepted runs;
    • Partial Period Calculations for employees engaged or terminated during an interval; can be calculated on calendar days, theoretical working days or actual days worked
    • Back dated increases can be processed i.e. auto calculate the back dated increase on selected incomes/deductions by use of a profile, this can be included in the actual interval payslip or as a separate payslip
    • Caters for ‘leave closure’ runs where:
      • Pay calculations are auto calculated based on the number of pay intervals included, including partial intervals
      • Employee Leave records are automatically updated
      • User can select the number of tax intervals to be included in the tax calculation for the closure period
      • Additional runs can still be run during the leave closure period
    • Auto print reports on payroll run and/or accept
    • Print auto reports to screen or printer
    • EFT’s and GL Interface file only generated once pay run is accepted
    • Net pay rounding option

  • Time Costing

    • Allows the capture of time across Cost Centres and/or Departments for time Costing in the GL
    • Time can be captured by hours/quantities or by percentage split
    • User can define which hours are to be included in the cost split
    • Caters for normal hours to be filled from overtime hours
    • User can set up Theoretical Percentage Split to be used as a default where User will captured only exceptions
    • Capture time costing online or Import from spread sheet and maintain online
    • Option to capture by week, by pay period or by month

  • Reporting

    Comprehensive and Flexible Reporting including:

    Standard Reports

    • A comprehensive audit trail can be printed by user, employee or action type
    • Unlimited reporting on historical information (real time i.e. no restores required)
    • Various Standard Forms i.e. leave application, loan application, update employee Details etc.
    • Reports can be viewed online, printed, exported and emailed in various formats (EXCEL, PDF, etc.)
    • Print Reports by company, payroll, cost centre, department, Job grade and employee
    • All standards statutory reports available e.g. UIF, SDL, OID, Equity, WSP etc.
    • Facility for user customisation of various forms and letters to suit specific requirements such as employment contracts, company policies and procedures and many more

    Sophisticated, powerful report writer

    • My Reports (User defined common reports can be setup in the users ‘MyReports’ category)
    • Payroll auto reporting on payroll run and/or accept
    • Bureau reporting facility that allows reporting across clients
    • Billing facility available for bureaus or decentralized costing of payroll/HR function.
    • User definable forms, payslips, logos etc.

  • Updates

    All updates are done automatically, without any user intervention or software vendor consultation.
  • Data Security

    PSIber is in the cloud, therefore all backups are done by us. All your data is safe and secure with no threat of theft or damage.
  • Billing Mechanism

    PSIber has a standard built-in billing mechanism which allows bureaus total flexibility and all stats required to accurately and automatically bill their clients. Simply download your billing stats with your rates to excel, PDF or API
  • Scalable

    PSIber provides complete scalability, offering you the choice between the most basic payroll facility to a fully integrated payroll and HR solution which supports centralised, decentralised and totally distributed processing, all in one single environment. You can allow your clients to apply for leave, approve leave and view relevant payroll and costing reports directly from their mobile devices, and completely eliminate the paper trail, but still maintain full control of the application. Saving you time and resources.
  • Training

    PSIber has an extremely easy to use, user interface, and the learning curve would be minimal. However training programmes are structured to client’s needs. As a standard practice PSIber has a parallel run where you will be trained on your data, on-site. Formal training courses are also available that would assist you in the upskilling your staff in the payroll profession.
  • Additional Revenue Possibilities

    By utilising the additional modules and features that PSIber has to offer, you could open your business to endless new revenue generating opportunities, without having to keep up to date with the latest changes in the market or legislation, PSIber does all that for you. Examples of such opportunities include improved business efficiencies such as mobile ESS/MSS management, human resource management, time & attendance integration, GL integration, applicant’s payroll and test payslips with a “Gross-Up” facility and many more.
  • Reporting

    PSIber allows you to transform basic reporting into sophisticated business tools for your clients. With hundreds of reports to choose from, and the capability to export into any format such as: excel, word, csv, pdf etc. Column sequencing, multiple criteria and sorting filters, counters, reporting across tax years.


Our system offers the simplicity you need alongside a high degree of sophistication. It’s a product that undergoes consistent improvement and continuous development so you get a real payroll solution that grows as you grow and evolves with market needs and trends.

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