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PSIber HRM is a comprehensive online HR management solution developed to unify your payroll, HR administration, Talent Management, Recruitment and Performance functions into a single product that enables you to cost effectively implement HR best practice.

Improve Your Decision Making

The integration of all your HR functions creates a business intelligence tool which allows you to analyse data to make better strategic decisions ultimately leading you to achieve your HR objectives and maximise the potential of your people and business.

PSIber has facilities to administrate and manage the following:


  • Master Data

    All personal information such as names, addresses, next of kin and marital details can be stored and managed from one central database.
  • Recruitment

    All information related to the recruitment function E.g. costs, agency and media details, position applied for, interview results.
  • Disciplinary / Grievance Procedures

    Disciplinary, misconduct and grievance history including warnings, hearings, outcomes and follow-ups.
  • Training

    Training needs and reminders, as well as courses attended E.g history (including costs), NQF statistics, contractual requirements, restrictions.
  • Education and Qualifications

    History including qualifications achieved / in progress, institutions attended, major subjects.
  • Medical / Health and Safety

    Capture and attach medical certificates (including expiry notifications via sms or email), capture injuries on duty, allergies and disabilities.
  • Employee Engagement and Discharge Audit Checklists

    Generate audit checklists for clothing, equipment and leave.
  • Licences

    Tracking of all types including expiry notifications via sms or email.
  • Employment Contracts

    Tracking of all types of contracts, including expiry notifications on fixed term contracts.
  • Performance Management

    Including performance appraisals, interpretation and statistics, identified / resolved needs and development required.
  • Clothing and Equipment

    Tracking of the issuing and re-issuing of clothing and equipment - Including expiry notifications via sms or email
  • Policies and Procedures

    Can be attached on individual screens and accesible from ESS/MSS anywhere, anytime.
  • Image attachments

    Attach employee photographs, ID documents or medical certificates directly to an employee's mastefile.
  • On-screen Forms

    Can be used as source documents for information update (take-on forms, maintenance forms, misconduct forms etc).
  • Passport Management

    Passports, visas and work permits (Including expiry notifications).
  • Passports, visas and work permits (Including expiry notifications)

    Individual and / or bulk facility catering for expiry notifications, leave and loan applications.
  • Exit Interviews

    Reasons, follow-ups, equipment returned and restraint of trade details.
  • Asset Register

    All assets recorded in a register and allocated to employees, including notifications.
  • Workflows

    User defined and flexible workflows can be setup for engagements, leave authorisation requests, job information changes, terminations and many more.
  • ESS/MMS (Employee and Manager Self Service facility)

    Online leave approvals, calendars, appraisal ratings and personal information tracking.
  • ESS/MMS Mobile Service

    Allows a user to access the ESS/MMS module on mobile devices in order to perform functions such as applying for and approving leave, and viewing personal information.
  • Position Management

    End-to-end Position Management including reporting lines, position requirements, links to job descriptions, assets and performance management, and much more.

More Control & Insight for Managers

The innovative HRM user interface makes HR teams more strategic by framing data, actions, and analytics into the context of organisational strategy and objectives that can be achieved by monitoring key metrics.

Using the information presented on PSIberHRM, you can determine any non-conformance to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (minimum wage, overtime pay etc.) and produce Employment Equity Reports and statistics as well as the minimum reporting requirements for users regarding the Skills Development Act.

PSIberHRM gives managers full automation of all administration functions by managing all employee details and information within one HR system that provides flexible and customisable approval processes. Quickly and easily access pertinent employee information from anywhere in the world at any time. Analyse multiple employees and compare, allowing for more equity in the decision making process.


  • To save time, you receive templates for all the necessary procedures associated with personnel administration.
  • Analyse incidents of misconduct and create proactive initiatives to resolve these issues.
  • Track all your employee leave information from a central point of access. Employees' leave transactions are accurately tracked and leave balances are automatically updated.
  • Capture employee exit details to identify, analyse and fix potential problem areas. Use what you learn to attract better candidates, while increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of your existing employees.

Easy Access for Employees

Employee Self Service creates an interface that streamlines management and employee interaction. Employees gain access to all of their personal HR, benefits, leave management, and payroll information.  Time and talent are more effectively utilised, and employees are more engaged and motivated.

LabourNet’s online HR management is designed to help businesses distinguish themselves in today’s competitive environment by giving them the tools to demonstrate expertise in implementing best HR practice.

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