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PSIberHRA is a comprehensive personnel administration system, which covers all aspects of the day to day HR administrative needs of small, medium and large businesses, in virtually any industry sector.  The system caters for the storing and management of all relevant information related to the recruitment of an employee right through to retirement, and everything in between.

  • The HR system is fully integrated with PSIberPAY, requiring one point of entry for all employee data
  • It allows for accurate statistics and reporting across groups, companies and payrolls
  • It is a web-based product, accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • It is designed on tested and proven HR methodologies
  • It facilitates the streamlining of administration processes resulting in time, effort and cost savings
  • The system meets all statutory and labour requirements needed to produce on demand employment equity statistics and reports, compliant leave management and reporting, and for the creation and monitoring of Workplace Skills Plans and its associated reporting.

What PSIberHRA Gives You

  • Employee Engagement

    • Applicants: Comprehensive database of candidates that have previously applied, or are currently applying for jobs in the company.
    • Employee Take-on: Applicants can seemlessly be taken on into live payrolls with little effort
    • Employee Recruitment: Track recruitment process from requisition to placement, including interviews, vendor management (agencies and media), correspondence, offers and expenditure
    • Gap Analysis: Perform real-time comparison between detailed job description and candidate profile to determine fit for the job
    • Dependents: Record all SARS required information about dependents, such as contact details, ID number, disability status and highest level of education.
  • Company Maintenance

    • Organisation Setup – Payroll job grades and titles, cost centres and pay points
    • Funds – Administration of medical aid, pension and Provident Funds details
    • Bank Information – Update bank information for employee salary payments
    • Employment Equity – Setup company employment equity details
    • Workplace Skills Plan – Setup the company’s WSP
    • Policies & Procedures – Capture company policies & procedures
    • Employee Linking – Area to link employees to company contracts and projects
  • Personal Details

    View all employee demographic information, including ID and passport details, banking details, marital information, employment details and SARS required information
  • Skills & Qualification

    The Skills & Qualifications Section covers the full competency spectrum, and includes”


    • School, tertiary and other qualifications
    • Highest level of education (SETA reporting purposes)
    • Attachments for certificates and View from Employee Self Service (ESS) for employee to verify details


    • Detailed breakdown of costs incurred
    • NQF information (NQF level, number of credits etc) for reporting to SETA
    • Post course information, such as certificate, projects, follow-up required and expiry of training
    • Contracts, where employee’s training is subsidised by the company, but needs to be worked back
    • ESS/MSS approval workflow for requested training
  • Employment Details

    The Employment Details facility lists the employee’s employment history, contracts, projects, location details etc. Employees can be linked directly to contracts and projects from this facility as well.
  • Leave

    The Leave Section provides you with a facility to manage all leave types that can be configured for the entire company or by payroll, the system can be set to calculate user defined leave or follow the BCEA recommendations.
  • Company Allocations

    Track and control company assets, such as clothing, equipment, housing and accomodation. System generated (populated) forms available for issuing and returning assets. Policies and procedures can be published online.
  • Performance Management

    The Performance Management Section provides you a fully online, 360 degree appraisal management process. This facility allows for the following functions to be managed:
    • Create repository of Key Performance Areas (KPA), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Measureable Outputs (MO). These can be re-used as many times as necessary for performance appraisals
    • Build appraisal templates, to be linked to employees at appraisal time. This results in an employee’s performance appraisal only needing to be defined once
    • Online rating via ESS and MSS
    • Detailed appraisal score analysis and reporting
  • Employee Relations

    The Employee Relations function provides tools for you to manage all disciplinaries, misconducts and grievences as well as criminal offences for your employees. Policies and procedures can be uploaded, which are made available for download on ESS/MSS. System forms can be drawn populated for tracking purposes. Email notifications are available to prompt when actions are required, and when expiries are coming up.
  • Medicals/Injury on Details

    Record all medical information, including detailed forms for medical check-ups. Accidents/injury on duty recording is also available, allowing for tracking of claims to workmen’s compensation.
  • Mass Capture Facility

    Capture information for bulk upload from this screen. This facility allows you to capture large amounts of data at a time, saving you time. Screen caters for leave, training, medicals, disciplinaries, misconducts and grievances.
  • Exit Administration

    Control and manage all the statutory requirements for handling employee resignation / retirement / dismissal information.
  • Employee Reports

    The Employee Reports Section provides you with a facility to manage all employee related reports including statutory reports such as the Work Skills Plan and annual training reports for a particular tax year.
  • Reporting Facility

    More than 300 standard / customisable reports (both detail and summary) comprehensively covering all of your reporting requirements. Reporting for individual payrolls as well as consolidated reporting across multiple payrolls.

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