Vehicle Running Cost Calculator

Calculates the running cost of your vehicle, taking into account the cost of fuel, annual km’s, vehicle type, cost and engine capacity.

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Car vs Allowance Analyser

Calculates the appropriate travel allowance against the value of the vehicle.

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Retirement Payout Calculator 

Calculates the tax free, lump sum Retirement Pay-out from a Retirement Annuity, Pension or Provident Fund.

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Quick Tax Calculator 

Provides a quick, no frills calculation of the tax due on monthly or annual taxable earnings. Caters for several African tax authorities.

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Cumulative Tax Calculator 

Allows for the calculation of tax payable taking into account year-to-date earnings, year-to-date tax paid, lump sum payments, periods worked and payment frequency.

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Loan Amortisation Calculator 

Calculates the repayment amount and total interest amount on a loan, taking into account the interest rate, loan term and number of payments per year.

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Tax Tables

Click on the relevant country to view the current tax tables

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