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F.SIBDALogo    FSBS deals with services specifically offered in the areas of Payroll Administration, Business Bookkeeping & Accounting, as well as Individual Tax advise and Company Secretarial Services.  Other service offerings include Company Registrations, Business Plans, Submission of annual returns to CIPRO and all Statutory registrations.


HRTorQue Outsourcing (Pty) Ltd assists all small, medium and large companies to improve their efficiency and professionalism in dealing with their employees by introducing practical outsourced solutions in the workplace.  These solutions include comprehensive Web based payroll and HR Administration using the PSIberWorks software package, which has been branded EtorQue, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Tax, Skills Development, Employment Equity, Executive Coaching and Team Interventions.  

HRTorQue provides customised and personal professional services, at competitive prices, to its clients.  It also offers a variety of outsourced packages to suit an organisation's unique needs.  HRTorQue is renowned for providing its clients with a professional and practical approach to its services.  Our practitioners have extensive experience within their areas of expertise and clients have the benefit of comprehensive business solutions within one entity.  


Remunerique Specialists are a BEE compliant company and our vision in payroll and human resources outsourcing presents us with a driving goal for the future.  This allows you to lift your game and concentrate your creative powers on driving your company profits.  Finally you can shed all those time consuming payroll hassles and focus your skills where they are required most - managing and building your business.

You will never again be caught on the back foot with pay runs that are incorrect.  We at Remunerique Specialists are committed to giving our clients the competitive edge in what has become a highly competitive business environment.  


SHRS specialises in the provision of Payroll Administrative Services, as well as Human Resource Administrative and Consulting Services to South African small and medium-sized companies.  Since inception, SHRS has only used the PSIber Suite of products to provide these services to our customers.  SHRS also partners with LabourNet in providing specialists Labour Realtion services to our customers.

Our founder, Hermina Patton, has spent almost two decades in South African human resources management, most recently as Humam Resources Manager for Siltek Districution Dynamics in the late 1990s, before setting up SHRS as an independent operation in 2001.

Today, we have clients in the IT, Distribution, Logistics, Pricate Policing, Manufacturing and Beneficiation sectors.  Our staff has a demonstrable ability to work successfully in a range of demanding corporate environments : from business start-up and rapid growth scenarios, to rightsizing and dowsizing situations.  



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Pay Solutions offers a professional, competent service for all your HR and payroll administration and management needs.
Payroll Administration is becoming more onerous for the small and medium sized business. Not only must the Payroll Administration functions run smoothly with the correct levies and taxes being paid, but a comprehensive database of employee information complying with statutory requirements needs to be maintained.
Our business depends upon the maintenance of satisfied clients. We will do our utmost to ensure that you are more than satisfied with the level of service provided. So outsource with confidence to a business with more than 30 Years' experience..




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