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Welcome to the PSIber Group.

| Online Payroll / HR Technology and Services | Payroll / HR Outsourcing | Payroll / HR System Hosting |

“Cloud” based or SaaS compliant Payroll and HR technologies.
For some these are brand new “concepts” and some even call them “revolutionary”. The fact is - these services have been around for many years and are therefore tried, tested and proven services – if you know what you are doing !.

That’s right, and for us at PSIber, this is nothing new. We have been successfully providing online Payroll and HR services for over ten years now.

We pioneered the concept of “do it yourself”, “pay as you go” web based Payroll and HR technologies in South Africa and are still the leading (and yet to be challenged !) supplier of these services. We introduced this concept way back in 1999 and today have more than 1000 organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries actively, cost effectively and successfully …

…“capturing, processing, viewing, managing and reporting on employee information…
… in the cloud”, all day and every day.

And just in case that’s not testimony enough, you might be interested to know that we also pioneered the concept of online tax returns in South Africa back in 2001. That’s right – it is today known as the SARS e-filing service (originally known as MyTax). Enough said!

So it’s safe to say that when it comes to Payroll, Tax and HR services “in the cloud”, we certainly do know what we are doing!

We are still recognised as the authors of “cloud based” Payroll, Tax and HR technologies
in South Africa, are still seen as the leader in this field,
are still as passionate about our products, our services and our clients as we were in
1999. But most importantly …
… we are still Proudly South African !.

We supply PSIberWORKS to end users as an online web based service or as a traditional “off the shelf”
packaged solution through a variety of partners who are specialists in the field of Payroll / HR systems
implementation and support. These partners are well qualified to customise the PSIberWORKS Payroll
module and associated Human Resource modules to suit client specific needs. The PSIberWORKS suite
is also available on this website on a 'do-it-yourself' basis, as well as through the websites of other
leading payroll bureaus in South Africa…
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Our rapid growth in the South African market place can be attributed to:
  • Our ongoing passion for product excellence and quality.
  • Our adoption of modern, leading edge technologies and innovative design concepts.
  • Our provision of outstanding project management and software implementation services.
  • The way in which we develop and maintain lasting and beneficial partnerships with our customers and our business partners.

In short – we are part of your profession !!!  
Helpdesk: (011) 454 1074 or send an email with your query and contact details to support@psiber.co.za

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